The practice of striving for Zero Waste to Landfill is quickly becoming a socially responsible standard for many forward-thinking companies. 

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We will work with your company to help you become the absolute best stewards of the environment.  Our common goal is to maximize landfill avoidance by developing programs to minimize your landfill disposal.   

If you have a small quantity of drums filled with non-hazardous solids or liquids sitting around just taking up space, we can help you dispose of them.  With our Shredder Program, we will pick up your drums and ​dispose of them so you don't have to store ​them.  ​

Waste-to-Energy Program

NEI can help your company achieve this goal by using innovative technology and waste management know-how to implement a successful turn-key ZWTL solution.

Zero Waste To Landfill


Email Waste-to-Energy Program Manager for details about 
all our Waste-to-Energy ​and Reuse/Recycle Programs.